Date%%date%%Replaced with the date of the post/page
Title%%title%%Replaced with the title of the post/page
Parent title%%parent_title%%Replaced with the title of the parent page of the current page
Archive title%%archive_title%%Replaced with the normal title for an archive generated by WordPress
Site title%%sitename%%The site’s name
Tagline%%sitedesc%%The site’s tagline
Excerpt%%excerpt%%Replaced with the post/page excerpt (or auto-generated if it does not exist)
Excerpt only%%excerpt_only%%Replaced with the post/page excerpt (without auto-generation)
Tag%%tag%%Replaced with the current tag/tags
Category%%category%%Replaced with the post categories (comma separated)
Primary category%%primary_category%%Replaced with the primary category of the post/page
Category description%%category_description%%Replaced with the category description
Tag description%%tag_description%%Replaced with the tag description
Term description%%term_description%%Replaced with the term description
Term title%%term_title%%Replaced with the term name
Search phrase%%searchphrase%%Replaced with the current search phrase